Monday, September 17, 2012

Decorating with Zazzle Keepsake Boxes

Accent your home with beautiful zazzle keepsake boxes and you will add color and interest to your decor.  

These boxes are so pretty that you will not want to hide them in a drawer.  You can  set a box on a foyer table, shelf, desk and the box will pop up the color. 

I like these boxes and find they have many uses; in my office I put paperclips in them, in the bathroom a box sits on the shelf and holds small hair accessories and in the kitchen I have a stained glass box that sits close to the side door for loose keys.  The keepsake box keeps everything neat and organized.

The photo art ceramic tile is inlaid in the lid, the body of the box is quality made of lacquered wood which is a beautiful contrast to the design.  

These zazzle keepsake  boxes will protect your jewelry and your keepsake collectibles

Here are a few keepsake boxes that were designed by me (susang6).

Accent your coffee table, foyer or bedside table with seasonal keepsake boxes.  These jewelry-keepsake boxes also make thoughtful gifts.  



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