Sunday, October 6, 2013

Spookify Your Table for Halloween

Set a spooky Halloween table that will make your children smile.  A kitchen table that is decorated for Halloween will improve the ambiance of the room.  Your children will like the seasonal colors and the spooky, cute or fun Halloween designs. 

The best way to get a creative and fun tablescape is to cover your kitchen or dining table with a contrasting color tablecloth. 

The tablecloth is a great background for your tablescape display as it will make your placemat, plate, napkin and mug ware pop. I found some adorable table accessories that will pull your Halloween kitchen decor together. 

These table accessories are perfect for your family or for a gathering of friends.  Here are my top finds from Enjoy! 

Halloween tablescape; Plate, Placemat, napkin, and coffee mugs