Sunday, June 22, 2014

Gray and Yellow Living Room Decorating Ideas

Today my friend asked me  to help her with her gray and yellow inspiration for her living room.  Her furniture is vintage style in natural wood and some pieces are painted white.  She also has black iron accents.  What I like about the things that she has is that they will work well with her room inspiration. 

I had an idea as to what would work well in the space but knew that my client could not visualize the inspiration room so I went to Polyvore to create a set using the products that I had found that would accessorize the gray and yellow living room theme beautifully. 

Here is a set that I created at polyvore .  It will show you how the colors yellow, gray and white will look in a traditional living room setting.  Many of the products used in this set can be found bellow.

Decorating Ideas:

I suggested that she paint the interior walls light gray, the trim bright white enamel and then the accents would be a combination of medium gray, yellow, white with black accents.

The white and natural dark wood vintage  white end and accent tables and tufted accent chairs will work well with the theme of the room provided I find a damask fabric for upholstery or sofa and chair cover in a white gray and yellow stripe or floral fabric in theme colors.

Then all the living room would need is accessories to complete the look. 

Here are some living room throw pillows that will compliment this gray and yellow living room theme.

A large canvas print or poster as well as sofa throws and an area rug will certainly make the room pop.

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