Friday, August 8, 2014

Country Home Accessories: What to shop for

Whenever I get a job to decorate a client’s home I tend to shop for products at yard or estate sales,  flea markets, antique stores and the sales at because you can find unique country home collectibles that will accent a country home theme beautifully .  

Cozy Country Home

Cozy Country Home by sgolis featuring safavieh furniture

Before I  shop I always make a list of things that are needed to redecorate home or specific room with country theme.  Accessories that I use for country interior decorations include; patchwork quilts for sofa throw or hanging on wall by stairway or foyer. Vintage wooden carousel horses handcrafted vintage toys, Amish made  wagon for antique dolls or Boyds plush bears.

A country theme home also looks good when accessorized with a vintage heirloom quality rocking horse, ornate metal doll stroller, rustic milk jug, barn lanterns, apothecary or mason jars, vintage style woven wicker baskets, and wicker rocking chars, throw pillows and other accessories.

It is always best to know your country theme needs before you shop, that way you will come home with everything that you need for your home decor project..

Here are some Mason jar products that I found at that will compliment a country home.

Country at Heart Throw Pillow
Country at Heart Throw Pillow by PillowPassion

Other Mason jar accessories for country home:

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