Thursday, August 21, 2014

Cozy Throw Blankets for Interior Interest and Warmth

No matter what your interior style a sofa throw or blanket is needed to accent and add interest to the living room or den.  I personally like sofa blankets and use them to accent my side chairs and also drape them over the backside of my sofa.  When all the decorating is done the throw blanket will add a cozy feel to the room and the decor looks more interesting.

Here is a set I did at that shows my autumn throw blankets in the frame.  These seasonal style throws will look fabulous on accent chair or on sofa.  They are a great way to accent your room and also will keep your family warm when there is a chill in the air.

Cozy Autumn Home Accessories

Many throws feature all season designs so you can use them in summer when the air conditioner is blowing on you or in the winter when the room feels cold. Instead of going to the bedroom to grab a blanket the sofa throw is the perfect size 54 x 38 to wrap around your shoulder or cover your legs in warmth. 

Here are some throw blankets that I found at  The blanket styles and colors  will appeal to him, her, children or even the family pet. Protect your sofa from pet hair with a throw blanket. 

These blankets are made from a tech wicking technology and polyester and cotton blend.  This fabrication allows the blanket to dry fast after hand washing. Also this blanket has reduced static and will be enjoyed for many years. 

For that one of kind sofa throw you may want to customize any of these blankets with your own photograph and text.  Make a happy memory blanket for that special someone.

Here are a few of my Susang6 Autumn Theme throw blankets that I created at my zazzle shop.

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