Monday, October 27, 2014

Decorating Ideas: Make a Small Bedroom Look Bigger

I decided to update my guest bedroom by removing all of the furniture and then create a space that would make my small bedroom look bigger.

My guest bedroom is very small and there is only room for a twin sized bed.  Right now I have a bed, night stand and dresser with mirror and it is difficult to walk around the furniture. 

Here is a bedroom set that I created at Polyvore it shows how the built-in shelves and cabinets are great way to save on space.  I accessorized this bedroom with some pretty vintage pink rose accessories from zazzle see them bellow.

When everything was removed from the room I asked my husband to make me some white shutters for the double windows so I could remove the drapes because they were making the room look smaller. 

Then husband built raised cabinetry with doors and shelves for books or collectibles that flanked both sides of the window. By doing this he created storage space for folded sweaters, T-shirts of pants and he also created a feature area for the room.

My plan was to keep this bedroom bright and airy with plenty of natural light I used the same twin bed, however, I painted the wood frame white and husband built wood drawers that fit under the bed.  These drawers eliminated the need for any other clothes storage furniture.  He also remodeling the closet by closing off one side and turning this area into a small built-in desk with cabinet above. 

A white nightstand was added along with a bedside table lamp, I also added a chair in the corner and area rung covered the hardwood floors.

When the remodeling of this bedroom was completed I then decorated with pastel girly accessories and full length ornate antique mirror that would serve as a dressing area and mirror also made the room look bigger. 

The sage green walls with the white wood trim made the small bedroom looked larger and all of my guests have remarked about the coziness of the room.

Here are some bedroom accessories that I like as I think they will compliment the room.  All were found at

Vintage Rose Throw Pillows for Bedroom

Vintage Rose Lighting for Bedroom

Vintage Pink Rose Keepsake or Jewelry Box

Woven Vintage Rose Throw Blanket

Paris Vintage Pink Roses Throw Blanket
Paris Vintage Pink Roses Throw Blanket by 13MoonshineDesigns
Browse Vintage Throw Blankets

Here is a video that will show you how to make a small room look bigger

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