Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Modern Masculine Man Cave Decor Ideas

Recently my husband took an interest in the appearance of our home by announcing that he wanted to update a room in our finished basement.   He said he needed his own space and I liked that he is being creative.  I agreed to help him with picking out accessories for his ultra modern black theme man cave and we would work together on the home improvement.

Before begining this cosmetic remodeling we needed to determine the location.  A man’s room should be away from the beaten path and we decided that husband’s room would be best suited in the finished basement, as it would provide him with a large space and privacy for his pool table, TV and ample seating; sofas and chairs.

My husband favorite artist is Peter Max so the art for the walls will be abstract.  He also likes black leather sofas that have a modern design; primary colors black, gray, white and accent colors; red, blue, yellow or purple.’

Husband will shop for the modern masculine furniture and I will shop for the room accents / accessories.  

Here is a modern man black living area that I created at Polyvore.  I used the colors and the style of furniture,  accessories and wall art that my husband likes and showed to him.  He said I nailed it because that was the look that he desired for his mancave.   

First stop because the quality is excellent, they have fantastic sales and I know of many talented artists. Here are some accessories that I found that I think will complement a modern masculine man cave.

Abstract Art for Walls

Throw Pillows 


Brite-Ideas said...

My sons would be into modern decor for sure, they love it!

Brite-Ideas said...

my sons would like this style of decor!

S Golis said...

Brite-Ideas the men seem to really like this modern black look. Whereas women tend to like a room that is warm and cozy. I really was out of my comfort zone when I helped hubby with this project.