Monday, November 24, 2014

Decorating with Silver Snowflake Products

When it comes to decorating for Christmas my clients have expressed that they did not want to go with a traditional red and green, they preferred something modern, dark and dramatic. 

Know that my clients who do not want foo foo  Christmas decorations so I needed to come up with something dramatic that would visually appeal to their tastes and needs for the holiday season..
I took notes on everything that they shared with me, that they planned to decorate a black holiday tree and made it clear that any splash of red color would be used only as an accent as if it was a pop of color in the room.

When everything was discussed I asked them if they would like a winter silver snowflake on black to compliment their homes black, gray and splashes of red color scheme.  They seemed interested in the black and silver combination and so today I sent him the snowflake home collection that I created on Polyvore and then included the zazzle products that I used in the set.  

This set would allow them to visualize how these snowflake products would look in their home.   Here is the set I created for my clients, and the zazzle products used in the set are bellow.  

My client did not waste any time and called me to tell me that he and his partner  liked what they saw but would need to think about what they must have..  
If you have a modern or or if you plan to decorate a black  holiday tree then the snowflake products for holiday and winter home decor may be what you are looking for.

Here are the zazzle products that I recommend for a silver snowflake
 Christmas home. 

Light up the room with silver snowflakes

Decorate your home with Silver SnowflakesThrow Pillows

Silver Snowflake Pillows

Decorate a Black tree with Festive Ornaments 

Black, Silver 1st Christmas Keepsake Ornament by NiteOwlStudio

Here is the entire collection of the black and silver snowflake collection.  If you see anything that you like click onto the product and it will take you to the shop where you may view the product in high resolution.

View more gifts at Zazzle.


Margaret Schindel said...

Susan, these really are dramatic and elegant silver snowflake home decor designs! I didn't even realize that one could design or buy lamps at Zazzle. Nicely done!

S Golis said...

Margaret Schubdel I agree the black and silver snowflake is very dramatic and elegant at the same time. Zazzle has amazing products, if you have time to search you will find amazing products. This silver snowflake collection was designed by Amber Sluiter.