Sunday, December 14, 2014

Polyvore Design Tool Cuts out the Middle Man

 I have been designing spaces for a few clients using the polyvore design tool. These inspiration spaces are a guide for the client who desires to make changes to an existing space or create a new one.

Before finding polyvore I used to create a design board for my clients and draw out the space, offer fabric swatches and get really detailed oriented. Well that was then and this is now and using the polyvore's design tool saves time, energy and cuts out the middle man by allowing client to do all the shopping for the products I have used to create their space.  The client decides what they need for their inspiration room.  They have complete control over their budget and their spending.

Once the client receives the products they can call me to help set up or they can follow the inspiration set that I emailed to them.

Here are some spaces that I have designed  at polyvore.

Red and Black Bedroom

Red and Black Bedroom by sgolis featuring word wall art

Black and GrayLiving Room

Black and GrayLiving Room by sgolis featuring a black coffee mug

Hunting Man Cave

Hunting Man Cave by sgolis featuring wall sconces

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