Saturday, December 6, 2014

Project Golf Man Cave Ideas

When it comes to designing a man cave for a guy who likes golf then I know that it is best to choose an area that has a lot of room because all guys need an indoor putting green where they can practice hitting some balls to relax and have fun. So plan on making space for the golfer in your house in the basement or any other large room and your guy will love his man cave.

Here is a set I created at polyvore, it will show you how I balanced the colors so that the space is eye appealing and I used the zazzle accessories to make the space “golfer friendly” The products that I used to decorate this space are bellow. 

The  only thing missing in this golf room is the "men".  

  1. Set the mood of the space by choosing a color theme When it comes to golf I think of nature, green grass, browns and blue sky. So my color pallet for my golfers man cave is natural, or one with nature.
  2. Furniture for the room should consist of practical pieces. The sofa should allow for comfortable seating; your golfer guy should be able to lie on the sofa without feeling cramped.
  3. Add accent pieces to the room, hardwood coffee table, silk tree, feature wall with golf related pictures, coordinating throw pillows and other golf related accessories.

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Joan Adams said...

My husband, son and grandson would all love these golf man cave ideas! Fun stuff!