Friday, December 12, 2014

Walking Dead Man Cave Project

Know that anything that has to do with zombies or walking dead is NOT what I do. But I am not one to turn away a client either. I was asked to create a Walking Dead man cave design. The design was to be a guide that would show how an ordinary garage could be transformed into a Zombie fallout shelter man cave.

I was reluctant to accept the project because it was so out of of my comfort zone but I needed the work so I told the client that I could create an inspirational design set for him. Saying I would create a walking dead man cave is one thing but doing it was another. I had a design block and doing yoga and taking a walk did not help. I was in over my head. I needed to get busy and the best way to brainstorm was to watch walking dead on

That is all I needed. I created a zombie man cave with promotional zombie stuff. The man cave has everything that a zombie fallout shelter would have with comforts of their previous life. For fun I added the cast of the Walking Dead and had a good balance of zombies, weapons and other zombie stuff.

My walking dead man cave took me 7 hours to design and one second to email to client who asked me to be creative and design the space. He LOVED the layout, furniture, and fallout shelter accessories. He also liked the idea that middle man was eliminated and he could shop for all of his needs at website where I designed the set.

I started out with a blank canvas, then added a picture of a vacant garage. Next came the furniture, followed by the accessories from my clients print on demand shop.  Then I added special effect zombies. 

From there I decorated the Christmas tree and the wood beams in the ceiling. The last thing that I added to the set was the walking dead survivors and the cast from the show. Know that this design is not something that I would create on a whim and even though I was uncomfortable at first I sure had fun being creative.

Here is the vacant garage it is the first item in my design. The completed project is bellow.



Team Rescue Zombie Fallout Shelter

And here is the update after Christmas

Team Walking Dead Fallout Shelter

When the walking dead man cave was completed I felt as though a weight had been lifted from my shoulders. I am glad that I accepted the project because now I know I can do anything.


Susan Deppner said...

I know almost nothing about The Walking Dead, but this project looks totally cool to me. Great job! Glad you took on the project.

S Golis said...

Thanks Susan Deppner for the nice compliment. I am glad you thought my set was cool. I am glad I accepted the project also, sometimes it is good to go outside of your comfort zone.