Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Botanical Inspired Living Room

When it comes to decorating a traditional home with a green botanical theme I think it best to determine three colors for the room and these colors must be complimentary.
Today I met with a client of mine who has a traditional space that features an elegant velvet tufted emerald green sofa and a botanical fern leaf accent chair. There was also a hardwood antique style round table, a vintage style trunk, antique bird cage, vintage green corner cabinet, Tiffany style table lamp and bird figurines.
The room has a gas fireplace with a lovely carved white mantle. The ambiance of the room was very cozy and I would love to create an inspiration botanical living room for her so she could redecorate this space.
As rule whenever I meet with a client I will take notes on their likes and dislikes, draw out their space and also take a photograph. Then I will talk about what I visualize for the room and discuss my fees for the digital design.
I was hired and went to work today gathering products for the digital room that I will be creating on Polyvore.com. I searched online for products and furniture that will compliment the space at zazzle.com, amazon.com, Ethanallen.com and polyvore.com.  When I found all of the home accessorizes and furniture I then clipped them to my items at polyvore. I spent two hours gathering products for the inspiration living room.
When all of the products were gathered I then went to work by creating a botanical space on a blank canvas, saved the draft and then went to gather bird accessories for the room since my client not only loves greenery she also loves birds.  My client also likes more things in her space than I would add.  I aim to keep my clients happy so I did balance out the home accessories and feel that this botanical living room set is eye appealing.
It took me six hours from start to finish and when the living room set was completed I emailed it to my client.

Should my client like the products that I used in the space then can shop and buy the products easily by clicking on them at Polyvore and at zazzle.com.
Here are a few products that were used in this botanical space.

Ivies and Ferns Stretched Canvas Print
Ivies and Ferns Stretched Canvas Print by wildapple
Find more Botanical Canvas Prints at Zazzle

Decorative Ferns and a Dragonfly Canvas Print
Decorative Ferns and a Dragonfly Canvas Print by wildapple
Check out Botanical Canvas Prints online at zazzle


Ruth Cox said...

Susan, your room design is so inviting, with a flair for elegance. I love your ornamental grass pillow!

S Golis said...

Thanks Ruth Cox for the nice comment and compliment. That pillow I designed from one of my photographs of ornamental grass garden, the plumes are so beautiful.

Virginia Allain said...

That's a living room that I'd be happy relaxing in. You are very talented and have a good eye for design.

S Golis said...

Thank you Virginia well if ever you need some help with redecorating your space let me know and I can help you with your design needs by creating a digital design set. I love this space to, it is like my clients formal living room. Warm and inviting.

Angie said...

Very nice! I love the look.

Martha DeMeo said...

Such a beautiful and relaxing room! I love the color combinations.

The Savvy Age said...

Love it - how beautiful!