Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Designing Zazzle Fabric for Home Decor Projects

Today zazzle came out with fabric for crafts and do it yourself decor projects and I am inspired to create fabric patterns using their new design tools.  I have been very busy today designing fabric and I love the outcome, wow the fabrics at zazzle are beautiful and I want to buy them so I can redecorate my home.

Know that today I went to Hobby Lobby to look at fabric for a few of my home projects. I did not find one pattern or fabric texture that said "buy me" or  "don't leave the store without me".

 All of the fabrics at the hobby store  looked the same to me. The texture and weight of the fabric would not hold up if used to cover my kitchen chairs. So I came home from shopping bag-less and thought I would drive to the city next week to check out the shops that had upholstery fabric.

Then I went to zazzle.com and came across the  page that showed the seven fabric types and I knew that I could work with these fabrics, no need to drive to the city I can shop for everything that I need online.

Fabrics Available at Zazzle

Combed cotton
Prima Cotton
Cotton Twill
Polyester Poplin
Polyester Weave
Ivory Linen
Natural Linen

While these fabrics may be little costly, I am going to take advantage of the zazzle sales and buy fabric for my sewing projects  like covering my dining room chairs, making my own throw pillows, making drapes, valances and would love to make slip covers for my accent chairs.

If you are like me and desire fabrics that are high quality and have a unique design then check out zazzle  and get inspired to redecorate your home.  Here are a few of my fabric designs. Click on the link bellow the fabric image to view a larger image or to buy at my  zazzle shop. View all of my fabric patterns at my Susang6 NEW PRODUCTS.

Blue and Red Geometric Fabric   I created this pattern with a mirrored effect and I love it!

Red Rose with Black Floral Print Fabric this is a mirrored effect also but the design is tighter.



Marsha Cooper said...

That is awesome! I will have to check it all out.

S Golis said...

Marsha Cooper, I love designing fabric patterns and messing with the tools. I never know how it will turn out so each fabric is unique.