Friday, January 23, 2015

Golf Theme Home Office Project

Husband has a golf man cave and now he wants a home office. I am okay with this since the office will be adjoining the man cave in our basement. There is room for this extra space and husbands need to have a place to go that they enjoy.

Before Christmas husband announced that he wanted to remodel his man cave so that it would have a golf theme. He wanted show off all of his golf themed products that he found at and also his deceased Dads golf collectibles and memorabilia . It was a good idea and we created a space for husbands golf themed man cave in the basement. When all was said and done all he needed was an indoor putting green and Santa gave him that for Christmas. Now he wants a home office and I think it is a great idea.

To create this space should be fairly easy as there is more than enough room in the man cave. Instead of installing walls with a door I was thinking that a room divider is all we will be needing.

We picked out a neutral beige wallpaper and then a man size wood desk along with comfortable leather desk chair, and book case. Found a green circular rug for under desk and chair area at that will look good in this office space. Then all is needed is his computer, kindle reader, phone and golf decorations. This home office was put together in a day and now husband is really happy.

Here is the room design that we used to create my husbands golf theme home office. View a few of the products used to accent this room bellow. If you would like to buy and of the products shown click on the highlighted words that are bellow the images.

Create a collage of golf theme posters for your feature wall in the home office. This wall of art will keep you guy or husband entertained.  Accent home office with golf essentials, from practical to not so much. All golf accessories are okay for this space.

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