Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Green Herb Leaves with Blue Color Upholstery Fabric

Zazzel came out with a new product; upholstery fabric and I am loving these fabrics because I am someone who enjoys making craft projects and home decor products.   

Today when I saw the new fabrics I did not hesitate, dove right into learning how to create unique fabric designs and found that I loved the design features and tools that are offered.   

Yes I am a perfectionist and it took me a while to get the design right, but once I got everything balanced and all colors worked well then I was loving the fabric designs.


So I guess you are wondering how I came up with the design that I share
here. Well I started out with a photograph of a leafy oregano herb plant;
green leaves with white background then added some blue color. Worked with the design tools until I had this invigorating design. 

I think this fabric is perfect for spring and summer and will really make your room pop.  I can see it as throw pillows and seat cushions and it would make a pretty quilt for your bed.

If you like this fabric design and would like to view my entire collection then check out my zazzle shop and look for them in New Products by Susang6

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