Sunday, January 25, 2015

Husband Likes Masculine Style for HIS Bathroom

My husband is off three days out of the week and due to the more time at home he is becoming interested in way his bathroom is decorated. In fact he is spending time at Lowe's bathroom center getting ideas on what he would like to change / remodel.  He wants his bathroom to be more masculine and one that would express his style.

Husband showed me a bathroom set up that he liked in a magazine. It certainly was masculine and I saw that the colors were dark; black, white and shades of gray. He wanted to change out the shower with granite tiles and I would prefer that he would find another way to express his personal style because gutting the bathroom to make it ultra modern, uncluttered with a streamline appearance would not work with our finances or the design of our home.

Since husbands style is modern and he likes the colors; black, silver and gray. I told him that I thought it would be better if he did some cosmetic changes rather than breaking up the bathroom with a sledge hammer.

I suggested that he change out the hardware; faucet, shower doors,  sink, cabinet, and he could update the floor with modern bathroom rug by the vanity cabinetry. Husband could then shop for his style at and any of these online shops would offer him his “style” bath towels, shower curtain, bath accessories and framed modern picture for his modern space.

Here is a bathroom set that I created at that features black and white color theme with splashes of red. 

Red and Black Bathroom

Red and Black Bathroom by sgolis 
Here are the products that I used in this bathroom redo.  The poster shown has a frame know that the frame is an extra fee if you are interested.  I personally prefer having the posters framed and ready to hang, rather than taking them to Hobby Lobby and picking out frame, then waiting for work to be done. 

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