Saturday, January 24, 2015

Keeping Warm by the Cozy Fireplace

I am feeling like I am getting sick as I am so cold but the house is not. Since I cannot seem to get warm husband built a fire by using color changing pincones as kindling to start the fire and to add interest to the flames. I have been sitting here sipping my tea and watching the fire and the chill I was feeling is gone. A fireplace sure does make the room feel cozy.

Throw pillows and a fleece blanket also make the room feel warm and cozy. This time of the year my floors are cold so I put down area rugs and runners and they serve as good insulation and keep the room warmer in winter. Also added a few accents of red color because it is a color that will make the room feel warmer.

We have a wood burning fireplace ut if you do not have one you can always buy an electric fireplace with a wood mantle and the ambiance of he wood burning will make you feel warmer this winter.

Here is a set that I created at polyvore of a room with fireplace and stone hearth. I decorated this room with my plott hound accessories from my Susang6 shop and accented the natural colors with two red pillows.

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