Friday, January 16, 2015

Spring Home Decorating Ideas

Spring is just around the corner and I am so inspired to decorate for this glorious season. How about you?

Today is warm and I was out looking at the garden and noticed that the spring bulbs are starting to come up, crocus leaves have broken ground and soon the daffodils will follow and then the red tulips.  In the fall I shopped online at and and bought spring bulbs that were on sale; 100 dutch master daffodils and 100 red tulips. I am looking forward to these beautiful flowers to bloom in my garden.

Hopefully I can cut bouquets for my foyer table and kitchen table and these bouquets will look lovely with my tulip decorations. My theme for early spring is red tulips, greenery from the leaves and crisp white. I will add splashes of yellow and purple to this color scheme.

Winter was bitter cold and I am so ready for spring decorating so today I am getting inspired to decorate my home with a spring tulip theme.

Here are some red tulip home decorations that I found at that would look so nice in a traditional or historic home.  

Dress up your walls for spring with this pretty fine art print of tulip flowers. I think this Renoir red tulip reproduction is perfect in any room and especially lovely when it is coordinated with a vase of fresh cut tulips from your garden.

For those chilly nights in spring cuddle up in this pretty red tulip fleece blanket. I like to use these decorative blanket as a room accent, they look especially nice when draped over the back side of a side accent chair or the sofa. This blanket is too pretty to hide in the closet, take it out and feature it in your living room, bedroom or sun room.

"Live Love Laugh" Fleece Blanket
"Live Love Laugh" Fleece Blanket by NatureTales
Check out Fleece Fleece Blankets online at zazzle

Coordinate this red and white tulip pillow with a variety of pillows and your living room or bedroom will look so pretty. I have bought a few of these pillows and will tell you they are very comfortable and the printing on this pillow is very good. I was really impressed because the pillow is excellent quality and a fair price.    

Love these kitchen tiles because they are perfect when used as a display for bakers rack or just lying on the counter. You can also fit this tile into a keepsake box, and use for trinkets, keys or jewelry.

Art Nouveau profusion of red tulips with monogram Tile
Art Nouveau profusion of red tulips with monogram Tile by trinketbox
Check out other Monogram Tiles at

Pretty red tulip buds make this white hand or kitchen towel a must have for decorating kitchen for spring. I found this towel while shopping today at and I can visualize how nice it would look in my white kitchen. I know I would not want to hide this towel in the drawer.

Create a cozy space with this red tulip border table lamp. These lamps are the perfect size for small table or desk. I own one of these lamps and use it in my kitchen. Instead of turning on the overhead ceiling light I will turn on my zazzle table lamp and it is the perfect.

Red tulip border with copy space for customisation desk
Red tulip border with copy space for customisation desk lamp by Funkyworm
Look at more Red Lamp-In-A-Box Lamp at zazzle

There's a variety of kitchen products at from coffee mugs to paper plates and everything in between. Today I discovered the soup bowls and thought how practical this style is as I can see serving ice cream in this bowl also. Here is a pretty spring bowl that has a band of mix colored tulips.

Love the serving trays for holing napkins at a dinner party or serving snacks to friends. Sometimes I set it on my coffee table and it will keep the bowls of nuts or chips organized. When not in use I turn it on its side and set on my bakers rack so all can enjoy the pretty design. Here is a red tulip serving tray that will pop up your kitchen spring decorations.

Ravishing Red Tulips Serving Tray
Ravishing Red Tulips Serving Tray by Siberianmom
Look at Red tulips Serving Tray online at

Happy decorating everyone.  Know that men love to decorate for spring and Easter, here is a guy that will show the men how they can get creative with their spring home decor.    Enjoy!

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