Sunday, January 25, 2015

Winter Season Throw Pillows from Zazzle

When it comes to decorating for the winter season I prefer to accent my home with nature designs. Throw pillows that feature a winter landscape, bare tree branches or wildlife. These pillows are a way to bring the outdoors indoors and they seem to blend well with the winter season.

Season Change: Winter Throw Pilliows

Season Change: Winter Throw Pillows by sgolis 

Black, gray and white along with red are the colors I use during the winter season.  I will accent the space with throw pillow with patterns that compliment this color theme.

These accent pillows feature the bare branches on the trees, or snowy landscape. As an example I will feature a black and white winter landscape of trees printed on a square pillow with an accent red pillow.   The red pillow will add warmth and will pop up the room décor and make the space look both eye appealing and inviting.
Here are a few winter season pillows that I found at  The pillows from Susang6 shop are my designs and I created them from my original photographs.

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Same pillow design as above, different size and turned it over to solid gray color. Now this pillow is an accent pillow to the winter season landscape pillow.
Snowy Winter Landscape Throw Pillow Throw Pillow
SnowyWinter Landscape Throw Pillow Throw Pillow flip side

Black and White Whitetail Deer Throw Pillow
Black and White Whitetail Deer Throw Pillow (flip side to deer pillow)

Black and white Oak Trees, bare branches in winter will coordinate with black or gray accent pillow then pop up all of these pillow colors by adding a solid red pillow or white pillow with winter theme, like a deer with a touch of red.

Coordinate any black and white winter season pillows with a red accent pillow and pop up your room décor by adding a warm color to the mix.
Red Accent Throw Pillow
RedAccent Throw Pillow by Susang6 
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