Friday, February 13, 2015

Zazzle Throw Pillow Product Review

I decided to pop up my home décor by adding red and white floral print throw pillows from  Instead of buying from the marketplace at zazzle I decided to design custom pillows from one of my garden photographs.  I found red and white Asiatic lilies and uploaded them to the product page.  I created the pillows and bought two square pillows and two lumbar pillows for my bedroom and living room.

The pillows arrived just under two weeks and when I opened up the shipping box I was very pleased; the printing was beautiful and overall feel of the throw pillows made me think that they were going to be appreciated by my husband.

No sooner than I set the pillows on the end of the sofa the two square pillows that I bought were immediately grabbed by my husband and he put them under his head. He sure looked comfortable while he watched the television and in the bedroom the lumbar pillows off wonderful back support.

Normally my husband is disapproving of me shopping online but when it comes to he will mention the pillows.  Know that these pillows are moderately priced,  I paid $39 for a 16 x 16 and in comparison to pillows of the same quality the zazzle pillow is quality and listed at a fair asking price.

Here is a set that I designed that will show you the pretty Asiatic lily pillows that I created from my garden photographs.  I arranged these pillows on the sofa and chair along with solid red accent pillows to show how a variety of pillows accent the room.  Sofa pillows that are really are eye appealing.  

The lily wall decor is a canvas print and the red wall paper is craft fabric that I also created at my zazzle shop.  I wanted to accent the room so I did add more home accessories to the polyvore set.  Note the wall sconce, clock and family accent letter wall decoration, I found the black letter with family saying at  All of these decor accents add interest to the room and coordinate well with the throw pillows.  

If you have not shopped at zazzle for throw pillows then I would recommend that you check them out, as they have a variety of styles, patterns and prints that are sure to appeal to everyone's taste.

View all of my floral print pillows here.   

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