Friday, February 13, 2015

Zazzle Woven Blanket Product Review

The home accessories offered at zazzle are quality products and the same that you would find at trendy department stores, however instead of buying something that is mass produced, when you shop at zazzle you are purchasing a unique product that was created by a designer.  This print on demand online shop is a great place to find unique home accessories; throw pillow, woven blankets, wall and kitchen decor. In fact it is my go to place when shopping online. 
I am a designer, my shop is Susang6. There I create a variety of home accessories from my paintings and my photographs. Last summer I captured an image of a dragonfly on our cement wall and from this image I created a zazzle woven blanket. Well my husband and I both liked the way the blanket looked and so I bought it.

Here is a photograph that will show you what the sofa blankets look like when folded, they are not intended for warmth, like a fleece blanket, but more a little something to make you feel cozy and comfortable. 

About the woven blankets;
They are 54" x 38" and are made of 50% cotton, 50% polyester. These blankets feature a pure-tech wicking technology with enables eco-friendly, quick drying when laundered, they reduce static, and your blankets will look good for a long time.  Hand washing is recommended and all blankets are made in the USA.

Here is a set I created at that shows the yellow orchid print throw blanket on the back of the sofa.  You can see how this blanket when used as an accessory will add to the ambiance of the room.

Yellow Floral Print Living Room

Yellow Floral Print Living Room by sgolis 

Here is a bedroom set that I designed that shows a fall pattern throw blanket draped over the chest. These blankets are useful in keeping you warm and also are eye appealing when decorating your room for a particular season.  In other words you do not fold blankets and put in closet, but instead you show these designer blankets off by making them part of your home decor. 

The dragonfly printed throw blanket at zazzle in the neutral colors of brown and beige would look nice in my guest bedroom and also in my living room. It took longer than we had expected to receive the throw blanket but was well worth the wait. The printing is very good as well as the quality. This is not a blanket for warmth, but that is not to say it will not prevent you from feeling chilled when there is a draft in the room. 
When the blanket is not in use, I drape it across the backside of my sofa or on the arm of a side chair. The dragonfly design looks good and adds interest to my living room. If you have not shopped at for home goods. then I would recommend that you check them out, as they have a variety of styles, patterns and prints that are sure to appeal to your taste.
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