Sunday, March 15, 2015

Decorating Ideas for Cat Theme Home

Many people love cats and they are not necessarily the “crazy cat lady” A cat theme home can be eye appealing as long as you decorate with good taste and style.
Before you begin it is best to choose a color theme and the style for your space. Determine if you desire a classic, modern, traditional, vintage or an eclectic style cat theme room.
Today I am working on a traditional cat them living room and have been gathering ideas for one of my cat loving friends. Her home is historic and she loves antique style cats. She also has Lladro figurines, bronze cat bookends and a good mix of other fine art cat accessories however when she put the room together the décor items were not eye appealing, there was no color flow or balance.
Here is a set that I designed at for my friend. I created a replica of her living room and then searched for products like hers.  I grouped the colors, shapes and finish together to give the room color flow and balance. I also added a few of my own cat designs; a cat portrait canvas print over mantel, throw pillows and Maine Coon cat trinket box. I wanted to show my client how modern cat products accent a traditional home. 

 When the placement of cat decorations was completed I then added the primary color green to pull the room together. The ficus silk tree in the corner, window treatments and area rug compliment the room.
Here is a traditional home that features and earthy colors of green, beige, tan and bronze and is accessorized with cat products.
Well there you have it some decorating ideas for a earth tone cat theme room. Would you like to view more cat decorating theme rooms?  

Here is a space I created for one of my guy friends who happens to love black cats and the color green. Enjoy the cat decorating ideas for black and green study.

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