Sunday, March 29, 2015

Decorating Ideas for Outdoor Spaces

With the warm season approaching I find that I am thinking about updating my outdoor living space with products from  I found that this online store has everything that I need to decorate my outdoor space for my my family and friends to enjoy during the warm season.  

Today I shopped online and found patio furniture, lighting, fountain, grill and garden décor. My husband suggested that I show him what I liked and so I went to to create my outdoor space design.

Know that my husband is not someone who will buy from a magazine or online website, he needs to see what the product looks like in a display.  I needed to create a space design where he could imagine himself sitting at the table or cooking at the grill. He would then know how it would look in our backyard.

Here are some decorating ideas for a large outdoor space where you would gather with friends and family for party or outdoor dinner. Click onto the photo to shop at for any of these products or to view this set in a large format. 

My yard is large and there are several flower and hosta gardens that connect with garden paths.  These flagstone and gravel paths that lead to my patios (3).  My favorite patio made from brick and it is close to the house.  There are two stucco walls that protect it from wind and I can view this patio from my kitchen window.  I love this peaceful garden.  It is my favorite outdoor space for reading a book or sipping a cup of herbal tea.  

This is the set design I created for my special garden by the kitchen window.

I designed all of the sets from products I found at however the green pillow with the grass plume is one of my designs you can view it here.

 If you like the furniture and home decor accessories that I used in these designs (2) then click on over to polyvore by using the blue link under the image and it will take you to where you can get a better look at my outdoor living space design and you can shop for the products that I used.

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