Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Interior Decorating Ideas for Small Space

Recently a friend of mine asked me if I had any ideas for decorating her 400 square foot lake house and to tell you the truth I have experience in decorating small spaces so I said yes to her request.

When it comes to interior decorating I prefer small spaces over open floor plans because small is easier, that is not to say that I will not take on an open floor plan.  I am open to all jobs, but find a small space is more fun, and cozy.

Small spaces like a tiny home can be difficult because you must keep with the open feeling and less has got to be more.  When it came to designing and decorating my clients small space instead adding a loft sleeping area I suggest that she opt for a studio style sleeping area that featured sofa bed, coffee table and TV mounted on the wall above fireplace.  This would provide a more open feeling.

As for the kitchen area a  small island kitchen with  stools and an antique style wood amoire from would provide storage for cooking utensils and food.  A small under sink refrigerator and microwave or electric burner is all that is needed in the lake house weekend retreat.

My client wanted to add heavy drapes but I did persuade her that a bamboo blind with lining would be best.  A heavy drape would make the room look smaller and the blind when raised during the day would allow the natural light to enter the room and make the room look more spacious.

We kept the natural wood and then accessorized the space with the colors yellow and white.  Yellow is a good color to work with because it makes a small space appear larger.  In addition yellow adds positive energy to the space.

The only other thing that I suggested to the client is to add mirrors on the one wall, because the mirror would make the space look larger. Here is the digital design set that I created for my client to give her an ideas on how to decorate a small space.

Stylish Small Space

Stylish Small Space by sgolis featuring storage baskets



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