Sunday, March 22, 2015

Vintage Style Living Room Decor Ideas

My home is decorated with traditional vintage furniture of the 1920's era. I inherited this furniture from family members and over the years I have add home décor accessories to compliment the living room.

My home is small and the living room is where all gather so the decorations that I selected for this room needed to be durable and also add to the cozy ambiance.

The room décor accents are a work in progress since I am buying only when I find products that I really love. So far I have decorated my living room by adding soft light with a Tiffany dragonfly stained glass table lamp that I bought from

I also added vintage style home silk floral arrangement; a beautiful wooden chest with lush green ivy spilling out over the sides. This box was perfect for console table, coffee table, bookcase or end table. While shopping at I found a floral arrangement and a five foot ficus tree. Puff Ivy with Chest Silk Plant had some nice decorations for my living room, I have not bought them but have added them to my list of items that I like. One of the products that caught my eye is a stack of faux books on wheels. This stack of books serves as an end table. Also there are little décor accents like a green vase, green crystal votive candle holder.

All of the vintage style accents are good ideas because they will not go out of style and are products that I will not grow tired of.

Here is a set that I created that will show you the decorations for living room.

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