Sunday, March 22, 2015

Why You Should Buy a Dale Tiffany Lamp

Recently one of my clients asked me how she could add ambiance to her living room,    My reply was to buy a Dale Tiffany stained glass table lamp, ceiling mounted light and floor lamp.
Know that a stained glass lamp shade is made up of hundreds of multiple colors and cut glass pieces that are welded together. Tiffany lamp shades are elaborate works of art that will accent a formal living room beautifully.
Of course the benefit from this multiple pieced glass shade is when you turn the light on. The entire room comes to life as it is filled with a cozy glow that is projected from the shade. Dale Tiffany table lamps will provide ambiance that is eye appealing, colorful and inviting.

Buying Tips:

  1. Choose a lamp shade that will compliment the color theme of your room.
  2. There are many color themes available and I recommend buying seasonal lamps.
  3. Coordinate your seasonal decorations with stained glass table lamp.
  4. Dale Tiffany is renowned for quality heirloom stained glass lamps that are handmade.
Here is an interior design set that I created at it shows a traditional styled living room and I have accented the room by featuring a Dale Tiffany dragonfly stained glass lamp on the end table. You can see from this space that the lamp shade is a work of art and that the lamp compliments the room theme. This is why I recommend Dale Tiffany stained glass lamps for traditional and modern interiors.

Where to buy a Dale Tiffany Lamp:

If you are interested in learning more or buying a table lamp then I recommend these online shops for the best selection and prices. shop for used in good condition 

Learn more about Dale Tiffany and how to make these stained glass lamps at video

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