Sunday, April 5, 2015

Design Ideas for Decorating Deck

I was talking with my friend and they were telling me that they have a have a nice deck that was installed by Lowe home improvement however nobody uses it and she would like to have a deck with patio furniture that would allow them to have a nice gathering place for family and friends. She asked me if I had any design ideas that would fit her needs.

I asked her what type of patio furniture she had and she replied a plastic table, four chairs and umbrella with a charcoal BBQ pit.

Plastic is good for kids but it is not eye appealing or inviting and I knew immediately that a change in outdoor furniture would be an improvement. I made and appointment to check out the space.

The deck was beautiful but the outdoor living area was really bad. The plastic table and chairs were okay for kids but not for adults. My friend said her husband picked up the patio set at a few years ago and it had served them well for the last several years but she was ready to update and was open to suggestions.

So I told her about and that I could gather products from that I thought would work for her and put together a design set and email it to her. We discussed my fees for a set design and she agreed to the terms. My fee was fair and compensated me for the personal shopping and deck space design.

Here is the deck design that I created for my client:

Decorating Deck for Summer

Decorating Deck for Summer by sgolis featuring woven patio furniture

I recommended that she look at the products at and then if she wanted to shop around locally for a similar look that she print my design, then she would know what she needed and also how to set up her new patio furniture and accessories.

All of my interior sets are located at my polyvore overview if you are interested in looking at them. You may wonder why the sets are there? Well it allows the client to go back to the design and shop for any items used in creating the space. It is also a good way for their friends and family to view the design set and provide the client with input.

Here are a few of my other digital designs for outdoor living spaces.

Dreamy Tuscan Style Outdoor Space

Dreamy Tuscan Style Outdoor Space by sgolis featuring outside garden decor

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