Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Front Porch Decor Ideas

My neighbor has a magnificent historic home with large front porch and it would look marvelous if it was decorated with outdoor furniture and accessories.

A few days ago when out walking the dog I stopped to visit with a neighbor.  I sat on her front porch steps because there was not seating area on this large and breezy porch.  

While  I visited my neighbor  I kept looking at the dimension and the shape of the porch and then asked her what she was doing with the rattan outdoor sofa set that she bought online a few years back.  The outdoor furniture was in the garage because they did not know where to put it, dog in the yard would eat it if they put it on the patio. 
I had a design idea and I told her that I wanted to redecorate her porch so that they would love it.  I said I would use what they had and that the items that they would need to buy to pop up the decor would be minimum.  We agreed on my fee and I  took the dimensions of the porch and the rattan sofa set.  I also checked to see what decor accessories they had.
In my design set I showed them that a simple change to the  cushions on the outdoor sofa from orange floral print to a solid neutral  beige  would make the set more eye appealing and it would coordinate with other colors. 
I  added some throw pillows, a sofa blanket and other  accessories were an outdoor light, ceiling fan, live tree privacy screen and potted plants. The only thing that I suggest that they buy would be a rattan cooler for their beverages and an outdoor area rug.  It is funny but my neighbors could not imagine their rattan sofa set on their front porch. 

 All it took was creating a design for them and now they are enjoying their warm and inviting porch. I saw them sitting on porch tonight and my neighbor waved and said we love it!

Front Porch Decor
Front Porch Decor by sgolis featuring flower planters

Here is same porch with 4th of July decorations.  

4th of July Home Decor

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