Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Inspired to Decorate Den

Many people have a formal living room and then another space that is referred to as the den. The den usually is an open floor plan and is connected to the the kitchen. This den is where the family and friends hang out to socialize.  Thus the decor in this space  should be appealing to all. 

 My husband and I are empty nesters and so the den need not be family friendly, instead it needs to appeal to adults.  So now that husband is inspired to redecorate we are thinking about the color scheme for the den.

Husband likes black and blue and while they are not my favorite colors I agreed to the inspiration den because I selected all of the colors for the other rooms and knew if it was decorated with these colors and was in good taste then the space would compliment the rest of the house.

Updating  Decor for Blue Theme Space

  1. Our kitchen in stainless steal so no worries there with the black and blue connecting space. I will need to change out the area rug to black or gray and also change out the kitchen accessories and pick up new dish pattern. 
  2. Our sofa is green, so I will need to sew a blue slip cover, which I will make by designing a fabric that will compliment the space at my print on demand shop at Then I will shop around for an accent chair and other home décor accessories.
  3. I think it is wise to paint the feature wall as it will showcase the feature blue abstract rose poster. Instead of taking it to Hobby Lobby to be matted and framed I intend to check out the frame options at zazzle and if they are having a sale it would be wise to get the poster framed, that way when I receive it, I can hang right away.

Anyway those are my ideas for the space and I am inspired to decorate. Check out the set below, it is my black and blue den inspiration.

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