Monday, April 20, 2015

Minimalist Theme Living Room Ideas

Being a minimalist means that you buy quality things that you will used for many years and less is more. A minimalist home will not have curio cabinets of collectibles. Nor will they have STUFF on the coffee table. Now a minimalist home may feature a floral arrangement and a book that they are reading but that’s it.

A minimalist would say no to impulse buying and yes to practical home décor items that will last a long time. You would choose a dark color sofa rather than a light color one that would get soiled.

For your seating area you would also choose a timeless style. Upholstery would be practical with a thicker weave or a leather sofa and accent chairs would be ideal.

Here is a set that I created that will give you an idea of what I mean when I mention minimalist home décor for living room.  In this room I feature two blue theme abstract pictures, a blue sofa, matching throw pillows, accent tables, lamps and bookcase.  No area rug shown because it is not needed and is extra work.  

I like the minimalist style home decor and I love the less cleaning of decor items and rug.  You save time because dusting is cut to a minimum. 

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