Friday, May 15, 2015

Decorating Ideas for Fourth of July Party

When it comes time to decorate for the Fourth of July I will go all out and decorate both interior and my front porch. The red white and blue theme is the first thing that my party guests will see when they come to my home for a party or gathering.

Red Patriotic Front Porch Decor

Red Patriotic Front Porch Decor by sgolis featuring nautical style lighting

In the past my guests have lingered on the porch, they will sit on the sofa and we will serve them a cold soda or lemonade. The decorations add to the ambiance and is a nice way to welcome friends and family  to your home.

Decorating for parties or gatherings creates a cheerful mood and I know that people do enjoy a home that is decorated with a specific theme.

When it comes to decorating my home I will use what I have first before going out to buy craft fabric to make patriotic throw pillows, tablecloths or sofa cover. Then if additional items are needed to pop up my outdoor space or home then I will buy décor accessories or craft supplies to make my own or I will shop online at and take advantage of their wonderful sales. I find that you can get really unique home decorations that you will not find at your local kohls or target stores. I like that my décor items are not like all of my friends and neighbors.

Here are a few red white and blue décor items I found at  that I really like.

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