Saturday, May 9, 2015

Designs by Sgolis

I have been an artists since I was five years old. I was one of those kids that was always drawing, painting and designing clothes for my barbie dolls. At a young age I knew I was destined for great things and knew I was going to be a designer. 

Well my design career had a rocky start as both my parents thought the career was not a good fit. They told me my field of study was too competitive and that I was not "good enough"  So I took a detour and got an associate degree in business and from there I worked in a bank.   Needless to say you cannot keep a fashion merchandiser / designer in a bank.

One day I had enough and went to work at specialty shop in the mall and attended fashion merchandising classes at night and never looked back.  My career in fashion merchandising was fabulous, I was doing what I loved and it did not feel like work.  I landed a prestigious job with a Hong Kong based high fashion woman’s clothing store and it was my dream job. 

Granted I was not a designer, but I was learning about the designs of  Carolyn Wright Freeman and she was extremely talented.  I had the pleasure of meeting her and chatting with her about her upcoming spring line when I was in NYC for a meeting. 

No  I was not a designer but I was working in a fashion house and loved it.   My dream job was cut short, after 10 years when the company closed their USA doors and I was devastated.

When one door closes another one opens?  You bet it does, and from there I become a self employed interior, digital, card, gift and fashion designer.   I presently have an  online gallery that features a variety of gifts, home goods and stationary.  I also do fashion design for  OartTee .  All of my designs are created from my original photographs or paintings.

Here is a photograph of one of my award winning decor sets. This living room set came in first place at a polyvore interior contest.
Cat Lover Home Decor Ideas

Cat Lover Home Decor Ideas by sgolis featuring cat home decor by Susan Golis

Here is one of my tie dye shirts that I designed for both men and women.  My shirt was selected by the owner of and is worn by a male model.   The shirt can be viewed online at the indiegogo project .  View all of my fashion designs at my OartTee gallery.

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