Sunday, May 31, 2015

DIY Project: Turn Closet into Home Office

My home is small and our closets in bedroom are really small. The spare bedroom closet is 3 x 5 which makes it impossible to use it as a closet, because my clothes are jammed into the small space with a few baskets and shoes on the top shelf.

I hate this closet so this weekend husband and I are going to update this space by turning it into a home office.

Here is a design set that I created on polyvore.  My husband is NOT visual so I needed to show him what I wanted.  This set shows one ornate shelf (found at with open space for push pin projects, and calendar but you can pick up shelves at and create more storage space. 

Remodeling Ideas for Small Closet

Remodeling Ideas for Small Closet by sgolis featuring a green lamp

First thing first, remove everything from the closet. Then we decided to install white paneling since we have some leftover from our sun porch. Paint the ceiling, butcher block counter top cut to size for the desk area, then space for post it notes and calendar, pick up shelves at and other than that a new area rug, file cabinet and office accessories from 

Husband said we should leave the door so I can cose off the office and keep the pets out when I am not using it. I would prefer to remove the door and then just close the bedroom door.

 I think this project will be fun to do and the results will be great.  Even though it is raining this weekend I will be indoors working on my DIY project.

Here are some officeproducts that I found at that youo may like;

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2015 Flower Photograph Calendar by Susang6
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Yellow Lily Flower Clip Board Clipboard
Yellow Lily Flower Clip Board Clipboard by Susang6
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