Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Get NEW Clients with Zazzle Collections

When I first opened up my print on demand shop at zazzle I found that I was designing home products for myself, then I was making these one of kind products for gifts for family and friends. Well throughout the years my zazzle shop did grow with my interior design business and NOW I am getting new clients from my home decor collections.

Many clients need assistance in visualizing the home décor product.  They may like when they view it my shop but cannot see how it would work for them in their space.  So I would create digital designs at for my clients to show them how my products would look in a home setting.

This worked very well with my clients that needed visual representation.  However the problem with these digital representation was that my products were not easy to access. When zazzle came out with the collection option then this really helped me to promote my designs and to get new clients at my zazzle shop.

As an example:

One of my clients asked me to create a modern black dinner party collection so I went to my zazzle shop and gathered all of the products that I though would compliment his theme.

Then I went to and created digital set where he could visualize and get a feel for the dinner party products. He had the collection where he could shop easily and the visual design.

Know that the zazzle collection is a wonderful selling feature and combining it with digital design from polyvore  is an excellent way to present your print on demand product to your client.

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