Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Fishing Theme Gift Ideas for HIS Home Office

This year instead of buying my husband clothing for Father's Day I thought I would buy him some fishing  decorations for his home office. My husband loves his golf mancave but he also enjoys fishing so I think for the summer season the office decorated with fishing theme would be something he would like.

Fishing Theme Home Office

Fishing Theme Home Office by sgolis featuring pier 1 imports furniture

The walls in his office are beige and he has a dark hardwood desk, chair and bookcase so I was thinking getting him a lumbar pillow with a fish design for his chair because the pillow will provide good support for his back.

Then a few acrylic sculptures of trout or bass fish for his book case or to decorate his desk, a pen holder, and then some posters for his wall. A new fishing lamp would be good and then all that is needed is a fishing print commuter bag for when he goes fishing, to carry all his stuff including his cellphone. 

Know that right now his fishing rods are propped up next to his bookcase so I was thinking a display case would be better. A case that is mounted to the wall would really make his home office look good. I think I will have to shop online at Bass Pro Shops basspro.com for a specialty fishing gifts for my husband on Father's Day.

I think my husband will smile when he opens the doors to his office and sees his Father's Day gifts wrapped in fishing printed paper on his desk. I just know that he will love these gifts because he really enjoys fly fishing.  

If your father or husband enjoys fishing but if he does then you may enjoy the following home decoration and games for office or his mancave.   I found all at zazzle.com


Sandy Mertens said...

This is sure to catch that sports person's attention.

S Golis said...

Sandy,yYes I think it is a good idea to follow the sport season and to do more products for men. Our page on facebook All Shops Holiday Products, if you look at the statistics you will see we have more men viewing the page than women.