Monday, June 1, 2015

Romantic Blue Bedroom Ideas

When it comes to decorating a bedroom with a romantic theme I think that blue with white with hydrangea accessories and other botanical would looks lovely with dark wood, white cottage or  a shabby chic iron bedroom set would look so pretty with blue and white botanical accessories. 

A few years ago my mom gave me a Laura Ashley bed ensemble that she found at it had a dainty blue floral print with frilly sham.   I never had a bedroom where i could feature this pretty bed set,  so I decided that a blue theme would be  perfect for our guest bedroom.

Our guest bedroom is a work in progress as we are converting our sun room into a lovely bedroom.  Know that our sun room is rather large but we do not use, it is mostly a favorite hang out for our Siamese cat.  The sun room has heat and air conditioning plus ceiling fans. In addition it has an entire wall of windows that look out onto a meadow of wildflowers. This space is the perfect setting for a romantic blue bedroom.

Here is my inspiration bedroom.  This is how I visualize the space when it is completed.  

Romantic Blue Bedroom

My Bedroom Ideas

Hang a white shade to block the early morning sun then hang lace panel drapes. I saw some lace panels at and they were not expensive and considering there are 8 windows in the this space this type of window treatment would keep the room light and airy but would also lend for privacy.

The floor in this room is ceramic tile and that is fine because I intend to cover it up with an 8 x 11 area rug. This space is large enough for cedar chest to store blankets and also a retro style accent chair with ruffle would look nice. Thought I would create a reading area with a botanical room divider that I found at

Then all that is needed is hydrangea silk floral arrangements from and a variety of home décor accessories

Those are my ideas for the romantic blue guest bedroom. I can visualize this space and think it will provide my mother-in-law with a lovely bedroom that has warm and inviting ambiance.  

Here are some decor products that I found at I think they will look compliment a romantic theme blue and white bedroom.


Vintage Blue Hydrangea Pillow
Vintage Blue Hydrangea Pillow by LeopardJoy
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Other Bedroom Accessories

Then on the feature wall these vintage blue botanical would look lovely.

Blue Hyacinth Poster
Blue Hyacinth Poster by Botany_Boy
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Meconopsis wallichiana (M wallichii) Print
Meconopsis wallichiana (M wallichii) Print by Botany_Boy
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Here is a video that will inspire you to decorate your 
bedroom with a romantic theme. 

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