Saturday, July 4, 2015

Getting Motivated to Finish Bathroom Design

I am the first one to say “we can do this” and I will go to my desk and draw out a design that is then agreed upon by my husband before starting any project. We are both inspired and are okay to dedicate the time and energy to get the job done.
With that said some of my design projects do come together easily while others because a makeover nightmare. We run into unforeseen problems like water damage or water leak, faulty wiring and the easy and quick renovation turns into a money pit.
That is when my husband puts on blinders and pretends that he does not see the project that has gone wrong, he will close the door and walk away. He may start another project, and if it is easy he will complete that one but anything challenging no way.
When my husband and I get discouraged I will say “lets hire a handy man” and that is when my husband “wakes up” he replies “I will complete the work, I can do it and there is no way I am going to pay somebody else $30 an hours to do a job that I can do.”
Know that I do not like to rant, however sometimes you really have to especially if you want to get a project that was put pushed back completed.
So the new plan is that I will work on a redecorating design plan while husband works on the installation of new sink in bathroom. I am thinking a black and white and red theme would work well because this full bathroom is close to my husband office and basement bedroom that are the same color theme.
Know that recently I designed a new girly black and red lipstick collection and think I can add a few of these modern products to add a woman’s touch.
Here is a design board that shows you my plans for this bathroom project.

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