Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Outdoor Furniture For Summer Gatherings

Now that summer is in full swing you may want to host an outdoor gathering for your friends and or neighbors. If you have an eye appealing outdoor space with outdoor furniture then instead of having guests in your home,  plan an outdoor party.

Know that when planning an outdoor gathering that it is important to have comfortable seating for all.  Patio furniture should have cushion coverings and throw pillows for a cozy and comfortable ambiance.

When it comes to shopping for outdoor furniture you may want to check out the hooded swivel chairs. Personally I love this new style of all weather rattan chair because it looks so cozy. Let the guys to fight over the hammock I want the oh so comfy outdoor patio furniture.

If you have a large lawn you may want to add a gazebo and then decorate it with all weather outdoor furniture.  You can create a cozy space that is so relaxing.  Know that gazebos can be costly but I did find one that I liked at (see bellow in Polyvore set that I designed) 

Here is an outdoor design set that I created at Polvore that will show you what I mean by comfortable outdoor furniture .  Note  I used the gazebo that I found at Target in set here.   The pillows are from my zazzle shop, I created them yellow floral throw pillows from one of my paintings.

Cozy Outdoor Living Space

Cozy Outdoor Living Space by sgolis featuring Crate and Barrel

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