Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Decorating Ideas for Autumn in Florida

This morning I was talking to a friend of mine in Florida and she was saying that she loves the autumn season but because she lives in Florida does not decorate for the season. She seems to think that one must live in the northern states, where the trees turn and leaves fall to the ground in order to decorate.

I asked her if the hobby stores sold autumn decorations in Florida and she said yes, but assumed those decorations were for Thanksgiving only. Seems that Floridians decorate for Thanksgiving but not the autumn season.

Personally I think that the location of your home does not matter and that you can decorate for autumn if you want to. You do not have to go overboard but you can make some changes to your décor that would be the colors of the season and make your space more cozy with a few decorations.

I made a few suggestions; Add autumn theme throw pillows and a lightweight sofa throw blanket. Drape this throw over the backside or arm off your sofa. Change out your drapes to an autumn color; copper, gold or pumpkin, I saw some inexpensive brown and tan panels at Walmart.com that would add warmth and coziness to your seasonal space.

Another décor idea would be to add a wreath or swag of autumn maple leaves and for your dining table buy an autumn theme table cloth and coordinating plates. These autumn decoration ideas are timeless and can be packed at the end of season for storage and used the following year.

View autumn living room and dining room home sets that I designed bellow:

Fall Home Decorations

Fall Home Decorations by sgolis featuring amish furniture

Autumn Leaves Tablecloth

Autumn Leaves Tablecloth by sgolis featuring a silver clock

Here is an outdoor living space that features a cozy autumn seating area in the garden with golf course in the background.  A Florida tropical setting with autumn colors and a variety of decorations.  Click on the photo to view my design at polyvore website. 

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