Monday, November 30, 2015

Coordinate Christmas Wrapping Paper with Room Theme

When it comes time to decorate our living spaces for the Christmas season we all tend to pick a color theme for our tree and space. We will decorate our tree, add coordinating pillows and sofa throws onto our sofa, hang our garlands seasonal framed posters and will choose a ribbon, and complimentary ornaments for our Christmas tree. Then for some reason we wrap our gifts in paper that stands out like sore thumb under the tree. BOMB the entire Christmas room has just gone south.

I am not sure why people do this but I recommend that you buy and wrap your gifts with paper that coordinates with your room theme. Here are some examples so you understand what I mean and why I think this is important. I will share with you home sets that I created and the gift wrap paper that I like because it compliment the theme of the tree and room.


For those of you who decorate your space with a vintage theme here are some gift wrapping paper that I recommend.

Vintage style Christmas Tree Wrapping Paper

Wrapping Paper that would compliment them for Children and young at heart

Here is a wrapping paper that my friend designed and I like the unique design, plus it would go with this red and green theme.  Would make your presents look beautiful under your Christmas tree. 

For a blue theme Christmas tree and living space I recommend three patterned wrapping papers that would look lovely

Here is a blue them Christmas space and tree

Blue and Silver Christmas

Add some sparkle to your gold theme Christmas space with this lovely wrapping paper 

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