Saturday, November 14, 2015

Designer Hostess Gifts: My Top Picks

Tis the season for holiday gatherings, office Christmas parties and open houses. Get together during the holiday season is common and it is customary to give the hostess or host a small gift. 

When it comes to shopping for a host or hostess gift I like to buy something that is unique and that has been created by a designer. That is why I like shopping at print on demand shops. Anything that I buy will have that one-of-a-kind look and these designer gifts are always appreciated.

Here are a few hostess gifts categories that have made it to my top hostess/host list. These gifts are the finishing touches that will make the occasion special.

Serving Tray

In the past I have given a serving tray to the hostess of dinner party. I bought the tray on sale by using a coupon and the gift value was that of the same as the dinner that was served. My friend was so pleased with the hostess gift that she used it at the party. She set the napkins and the utensils in the serving tray and put it down on the buffet table. It made me feel good that she really liked the hostess gift.

Red poinsettia with monogram

Rustic deer pattern for host

Custom Sweet Treats

Useful gifts that mean so much

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