Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Outdoor Christmas Decorations

Today I took advantage of the seasonal cold weather and started to decorate for Christmas in my bedroom, bathroom and sun porch.  My husband took to the garage and he got the animated  lawn and other outdoor decorations organized, the yard displays were checked to make sure the white lights are working.  He also checked the net lights for the trees and shrubs.  Our outdoor theme is a winter wonderland, all LCD white mini lights with animated deer and snowmen and snowflake window coverings.

My husband will also drape fresh cut balsam garland around our front door and I will decorate this garland with white and silver snowflake ribbon and bows,  coordinating ornaments to reflect the light  and battery operated mini white lights.  Our covered porch will feature outdoor winter wonderland patterned pillows, a coordinated fleece blanket and a outdoor rug for under the seating area.

Depending on how cold the weather is this winter we may entertain our guest on the deck. BUT even if we do not go outside I will still decorate the deck with snowmen,  Christmas trees, garland on the railing.  And if we do entertain I will accent the sofa with throw pillows and fleece blanket .  Then right before my guests arrive I will add tablecloths or runner and an outdoor red tartan rug.  Cheese board, plates, delicious dessert tray, candles and more.

Here is a set that I designed at polyvore that will show you how to decorate your deck.  The zazzle decor products are from my zazzle shop and they are very festive.


Top Deck Trends for Creating Your Dream Outdoor Space

Outdoor Christmas Decor -  Decorating Deck

Here is a video that will inspire you to decorate outddors.

I have a head start for decorating indoors but hubby does not do anything outdoors until Thanksgiving day. That is when he will set up the lawn displays and work on the trimming the house and trees with lights for the next three days.  Know that his dad decorating on the weekend following Thanksgiving and so it is tradition to deck the outdoors with seasonal lights, animated snowmen, deer and other holiday displays.

When do you decorate for Christmas?

Here is a set that I created at Polyvore that will inspire you or get you into the spirit of the Christmas season.  It shows "Dad" decorating the yard for Christmas. This home set was created from memory and is a theme that will appeal to families with young children.  Many of the products used can be bought at my zazzle shop.

Decorating for Christmas

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