Sunday, December 6, 2015

Gold Swirl Accent Throw Pillow

The other day my neighbor asked me to come and take a look at her holiday decorations and to tell  her what she needed.  Her room theme was white and gold with touches of silver.  Her tree exquisite and her gift wrap coordinated with the tree, it was just perfect.  Even her fireplace mantle was decorate just lovely. But then my eyes fell on the sofa and BOMB the entire theme went south.

Her sofa was black leather and she had added white throw pillows with  Christmas tree design in gold.  They were nice pillows but oh my gosh did not go with the masculine sofa.  I was honest with her, said that she needed to get slip covers or she needed to buy a new sofa because black leather did not go with her room theme.

My neighbor agreed and while we sipped our coffee she told me that she had a small creamy white sofa and love seat her study.  Well that solved the problem because all we needed to do is change out the sofas and her gold theme room would be perfect, except her white holiday pillows needed a contrast.

I suggested a gold swirl throw pillow as her accent.  This pillow would be perfect because it had the right amount of sparkle plus it was a design that she could use throughout the year and not just during the holiday season.

Here is the pillow that I recommended to my neighbor.  This pillow compliments her holiday  white and gold home theme.  Plus it would be the right amount of contrast for her creamy white sofa.  She can also continue to use it as an accent pillow when the sofas go back to her study.

If you are seeking a gold accent pillow for your home then click the link bellow the image of pillow. Then you can to view a larger image or buy.

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