Sunday, December 6, 2015

Winter Wonderland Kitchen Decor

The winter season represents cold and snow and thus by decorating your kitchen in this theme it will help you to celebrate the season especially if you reside in an area that does not get snow.

Many people will decorate with a winter wonderland theme for Christmas and then after the Christmas season has ended they will take down the tree but leave the winter accessories until spring.

A popular winter wonderland theme would be a snow covered landscape with deer or sleigh riders. Another would be the snowmen or cardinals in the snow.

One way to decorate your kitchen for winter would be to add snowman sculptures, snowman accessories such as kitchen towels, tablecloth or placemats for your table. A framed snowman for your wall and snowmen coffee mugs or dinner plates.

Another way to decorate for winter is to feature the winter wonderland décor.  Here are a few products that I designed that will compliment a winter theme kitchen.

Decorate your wall with Winter Landscape Poster

Winter Wildlife Cheese board with utensils

Set your table for winter with wonderland plates

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