Monday, November 30, 2015

Coordinate Christmas Wrapping Paper with Room Theme

When it comes time to decorate our living spaces for the Christmas season we all tend to pick a color theme for our tree and space. We will decorate our tree, add coordinating pillows and sofa throws onto our sofa, hang our garlands seasonal framed posters and will choose a ribbon, and complimentary ornaments for our Christmas tree. Then for some reason we wrap our gifts in paper that stands out like sore thumb under the tree. BOMB the entire Christmas room has just gone south.

I am not sure why people do this but I recommend that you buy and wrap your gifts with paper that coordinates with your room theme. Here are some examples so you understand what I mean and why I think this is important. I will share with you home sets that I created and the gift wrap paper that I like because it compliment the theme of the tree and room.


For those of you who decorate your space with a vintage theme here are some gift wrapping paper that I recommend.

Vintage style Christmas Tree Wrapping Paper

Wrapping Paper that would compliment them for Children and young at heart

Here is a wrapping paper that my friend designed and I like the unique design, plus it would go with this red and green theme.  Would make your presents look beautiful under your Christmas tree. 

For a blue theme Christmas tree and living space I recommend three patterned wrapping papers that would look lovely

Here is a blue them Christmas space and tree

Blue and Silver Christmas

Add some sparkle to your gold theme Christmas space with this lovely wrapping paper 

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Christmas Home Decor by The Silver Snowflake

Tis the season to decorate our homes for the holidays and many of us will be decorating with a traditional theme of red or green.  However if you are someone who enjoys a holiday home that features modern decor then you will love the print on demand products from The Silver Snowflake.

Here is a home set that I  created at Polyvore, This set will show you how l the silver snowflake ornaments with black and sparkle pillows compliment the the black and white room theme.

Silver Snowflake Home Decor

Know that I am very impressed with the home décor products that this designer creates and that I know them well enough to say that it takes them many hours to do a single product. They are dedicated to their work and if the item is not perfect they will start all over or will design another high-quality print on demand product.

When I needed a special gift  I contacted the designer at The Silver Snowflake,  and hired them to create products for my niece.   The customer service was outstanding and products were brilliant.  Take it from me, if you want a special design for your home or maybe a special greeting card, contact the designer at The Silver Snowflake and she will assist you with your needs.

So here are a few of my favorite home décor products by the designer Silver Snow Flake

Add some sparkle to your home décor with throw pillows here are few that would look sensational in a modern home with black or white Christmas theme.

Silvery Glitter Christmas Ornaments Pillows
Silvery Glitter Christmas Ornaments Pillows by TheSilverSnowflake
Check out more Silver Christmas decorations at Zazzle

Trim your Christmas tree with adorable metal ornaments designed by The Silver Snowflake. These ornaments would make thoughtful gifts, I love the Santa Pug, it is my favorite, what's yours?

Other specialty designs by this featured designer, know that you will not find these items at the mall, you can only find them at her online shop so if you are interested please click  the blue highlighted product title under the image.

Here are some mugs that are perfect for hot cocoa, coffee, herbal tea and I like to eat soup out of my coffee mugs. These holiday mug designs are perfect for gifts too.

If you should happen to buy any of these home décor accessories for gifts, then you may want to wrap them in the this adorable Santa Pug gift wrap. I look at this little guy and it makes me smile.

Whitetail Deer Interior Decorating Ideas

If you are someone who wants to decorate for the winter season then I would suggest that you decorate your home with a whitetail deer theme or winter wonderland I really like the winter theme when it incorporates nature with wildlife. For me there is nothing more beautiful that a snow covered landscape with backdrop of deciduous and balsam trees and grazing whitetail deer.

Doe Whitetail Deer in Meadow

Whitetail Deer Home Decor in small space:

Whitetail Deer Decor - Small Space

Whitetail Deer Decor - Small Space by sgolis featuring black and white throw pillows

Whitetail Deer Christmas Room Design

The best way to bring the winter season indoors is to decorate your home with balsam tree branches used as garland for your mantle, and balsam with pine cone and red winter berries for your dining table. By doing that you have brought the fresh scent of the out doors indoors because fresh cut balsam or fur tree branches are very fragrant.

If your living space features floral sofa or accent chairs I would cover them with earth tone slip covers because the floral print is out of season. When sofa and covered you would then accent with deer print throw pillows and a sofa blanket.

Add some coffee table accessories that will make it more interesting, like a serving tray for snacks, games; jigsaw puzzle or a deck of cards. The coffee table should offer your friends and family entertainment other than the TV remote.

Bring the entire room together when you decorate the walls with winter wonderland posters, or whitetail deer canvas prints. When all the decorations are in place your winter space will look and have a lovely outdoor scent.

Here is a wood wall art print that I designed from one of my photographs of whitetail deer buck with 3 point antlers.   This wooden print will add interest and ambiance to your space.

Here are a few winter wonderland and whitetail deer home decor designs that I recommend.

Friday, November 20, 2015

Decorating Ideas for Ugly Christmas Sweater Party

Tis the season to plan an Ugly Christmas Sweater party. Know that these parties are like a costume party because all of your guests are expected to buy or make an ugly Christmas sweater. Tacky and really ugly is best, yes the uglier is better. Some parties feature a contest with a trophy award for the Best or I should say the ugliest sweater of them all.  

Here are some ugly Christmas sweater party decorations that I found at that would make your party fun.  Know that Zazzle is having sales this month so find out what is on sale at the coupon page.

Planning or attending an ugly Christmas Sweater party is a whole lot of fun and getting ready for a party is more than putting on a sweater.
Ugly Christmas Sweater

Ugly Christmas Sweater by sgolis 

If you are planning a party it is best to decorate accordingly. Do this by setting your buffet table with a tablecloth with coordinating theme, add some paper plates, napkins, and a serving tray. The ugly sweater theme does not have to match because having a variety does make the party more fun.

Here are few products that I recommend

Ugly but Cute Party Paper Plates

Ugly Sweater Holiday Party Paper Plates 7 Inch Paper Plate

View or BUY Ugly Sweater Holiday Party Paper Plates7 Inch Paper Plates Here 

Now if you want to add a Ugly Christmas tree to your party theme, I found a small tabletop Christmas tree at and think it is the perfect size for ugly ornaments. What a hoot to have a small tree for all your ugly ornaments, better yet ask your guests to help trim the tree.

Here are some ugly ornaments that you may like

Other ugly home décor items that you may want to buy just because they are funny and you can give as gag gifts or keep for next year.

Well there you have it, a few really ugly home decorations for your Christmas party. If you are interested in buying any of these products or you want to learn more click on the blue link that is located directly under the product photo.  

Merry Christmas and Happy Ugly Christmas party to all.

If you have never experienced a party like this then view this video and learn how to let your hair down and have FUN!

Saturday, November 14, 2015

Designer Hostess Gifts: My Top Picks

Tis the season for holiday gatherings, office Christmas parties and open houses. Get together during the holiday season is common and it is customary to give the hostess or host a small gift. 

When it comes to shopping for a host or hostess gift I like to buy something that is unique and that has been created by a designer. That is why I like shopping at print on demand shops. Anything that I buy will have that one-of-a-kind look and these designer gifts are always appreciated.

Here are a few hostess gifts categories that have made it to my top hostess/host list. These gifts are the finishing touches that will make the occasion special.

Serving Tray

In the past I have given a serving tray to the hostess of dinner party. I bought the tray on sale by using a coupon and the gift value was that of the same as the dinner that was served. My friend was so pleased with the hostess gift that she used it at the party. She set the napkins and the utensils in the serving tray and put it down on the buffet table. It made me feel good that she really liked the hostess gift.

Red poinsettia with monogram

Rustic deer pattern for host

Custom Sweet Treats

Useful gifts that mean so much

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Outdoor Christmas Decorations

Today I took advantage of the seasonal cold weather and started to decorate for Christmas in my bedroom, bathroom and sun porch.  My husband took to the garage and he got the animated  lawn and other outdoor decorations organized, the yard displays were checked to make sure the white lights are working.  He also checked the net lights for the trees and shrubs.  Our outdoor theme is a winter wonderland, all LCD white mini lights with animated deer and snowmen and snowflake window coverings.

My husband will also drape fresh cut balsam garland around our front door and I will decorate this garland with white and silver snowflake ribbon and bows,  coordinating ornaments to reflect the light  and battery operated mini white lights.  Our covered porch will feature outdoor winter wonderland patterned pillows, a coordinated fleece blanket and a outdoor rug for under the seating area.

Depending on how cold the weather is this winter we may entertain our guest on the deck. BUT even if we do not go outside I will still decorate the deck with snowmen,  Christmas trees, garland on the railing.  And if we do entertain I will accent the sofa with throw pillows and fleece blanket .  Then right before my guests arrive I will add tablecloths or runner and an outdoor red tartan rug.  Cheese board, plates, delicious dessert tray, candles and more.

Here is a set that I designed at polyvore that will show you how to decorate your deck.  The zazzle decor products are from my zazzle shop and they are very festive.


Top Deck Trends for Creating Your Dream Outdoor Space

Outdoor Christmas Decor -  Decorating Deck

Here is a video that will inspire you to decorate outddors.

I have a head start for decorating indoors but hubby does not do anything outdoors until Thanksgiving day. That is when he will set up the lawn displays and work on the trimming the house and trees with lights for the next three days.  Know that his dad decorating on the weekend following Thanksgiving and so it is tradition to deck the outdoors with seasonal lights, animated snowmen, deer and other holiday displays.

When do you decorate for Christmas?

Here is a set that I created at Polyvore that will inspire you or get you into the spirit of the Christmas season.  It shows "Dad" decorating the yard for Christmas. This home set was created from memory and is a theme that will appeal to families with young children.  Many of the products used can be bought at my zazzle shop.

Decorating for Christmas