Friday, January 22, 2016

Artistic Coffee Mugs

Everybody has coffee mugs because they are a necessity in our kitchens. We need mugs to drink our coffee, tea, and hot cocoa. We also need them for our soup and ice cream. Some mugs go with our dish set other mugs coordinate with our kitchen décor. Then there are seasonal mugs that compliment our decorations. Like I said there are a variety of mug styles. But there are not too many that are artistic.

Artistic is the unique mugs, some are painted by hand and others are created from uploading a photo from a print on demand online store and some are designed from graphic illustrations. 

I prefer to have an eclectic collection of artistic mugs because in a sense when you hand your friend a mug like this they will mention the artwork and want to learn more. This is a way to break the ice and get others talking. So mugs that are artistic are good for parties when everyone is standing around staring into space. They also show off that you enjoy art.

If you re like me and enjoy a mug that was created by a designer then here are a few of my favorites.

Black cat in the garden was created from a digital watercolor. The dark fur of this cat looks nice with the green daylily foliage.

Bombay Black Cat Mug
Bombay Black Cat Mug by Susang6
Credaylilyique personalize coffee mug from

Bright and cheerful Black-eyed Susan floral mug. Perfect for summer entertaining and decorating. This yellow flower pattern coffee mug was designed from a digital painting. If you have a yellow, green or white kitchen this mug will compliment the theme beautifully.

This winter forest cat beverage mug was designed from a photograph I took of a feral cat at their thicket den. After a blizzard the cats could not come to the feeding station so I took her food and water to her and also added the straw so she did not have to lie in the snow.

Decorate your kitchen with this pretty spring blooming spiderwort floral mug. This frosted mug was designed from painting of purple spiderworts that grow in my wildflower garden. This mug perfect for spring and summer home décor and lovely for Mother's Day.

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