Thursday, May 19, 2016

White Christmas Home Decor

Thinking and talking about Christmas in May is not something that I do, but that does not mean that Christmas will not come up in the conversation.  Occasionally I will see people who know  me because of my  work as I have decorated customers homes; interior and exterior for the Christmas season. Today while having coffee I was introduced as the designer who decorated one of the homes in my community and this is why I was talking about white interior and exterior Christmas decorations in May. 

Now you would think that a white Christmas theme would be nontraditional in comparison to red and green but I think that the white, silver, balsam green with touches of dark blue as a classic combination because this theme represents nature and the winter season. 

Here is a winter white Christmas set that I created at polyvore.  Do you like this Christmas dining room?

Dreaming of a White Christmas

This winter theme consists of the colors of white, silver, gold and evergreen. I love the winter season, the snow and the ice with a background of balsam fir trees and a herd of deer in the clearing, it is enchanting, a winter wonderland.

Here are a few products that I recommend.  
Shopping off season gets you the sale price, come August when stores start to receive Christmas products the prices will increase.

I am looking forward to November first as that is when I will begin decorating my client's homes for Christmas.  Do you decorate your home with a theme?

View all of my  Christmas home and fashion sets here.  Many of these designs were created for my print on demand and interior design customers.  

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