Friday, September 9, 2016

Fall Decor – Creating a Cozy Living Space

Create a cozy living room for your family and friends to relax by adding fall colors. Orange, golden brown and burgundy are a few of my favorite fall colors because they make the space feel warm and inviting.

Add fall ambiance to your space with decorations. Fall leaf printed pillows for your sofa, a rustic metal container with yellow mums, fall landscape poster for your wall are just a few ways that you can decorate your space with for fall.

Know that the fall season can be rainy or cool so family will be spending more time indoors. The throw pillows are great for the kids for watching TV or sitting on the floor, a throw blanket is also a good idea draped over the sofa.

Accent the coffee table with a leaf pattern table runner, then add candles and a bowl of nuts. You may also want to add a board game or a puzzle. I got this idea from my sister in law, games added to the living space creates a family activity.

Shop for your fall decorations at Find lovely autumn leaves or landscape patterned room accents for less. Take advantage of the daily sales on quality fall décor.

Here are a few living room sets that I designed. They will show you how to create a cozy living space. All of these sets feature my fall décor products that I designed. View my fall home decorations here.

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