Friday, December 2, 2016

Custom Keepsake Pewter Snowflake Ornament

Christmas ornaments that are custom made with a photograph or a saying from your heart make thoughtful memories for your holiday tree.  When you give a custom made pewter snowflake ornament you are giving the recipient a memory and every year thereafter when they decorate their tree they will remember you.

Today I was hired to create a keepsake memory for a grandmother who found an old family photograph.  The photograph should have been remastered but my client did not want that instead, she said, "do what you can to create a keepsake ornament."  She had faith in me and I did my best to design something beautiful.

The photograph was not big enough for the frame and could not be enlarged due to the resolution.  So I did a background color and overlay of silver snowflakes.  I erased the snowflakes from the center of the ornament to show the lovely family then combined before adding shading to soften the appearance.  This layered design then was uploaded to a pewter snowflake ornament.

This ornament is a template and you are welcome to create a happy memory with one of your family photographs.  Here is the finished silver snowflake ornament that I created.

Add Your Family Photo to Snowflake Ornament

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