Friday, April 21, 2017

Water Under the Bridge Decorative Plaque

I found this plaque at and knew that it would complement many home interiors. I also knew that many people have had a falling out with family, friends or other person and realized that the person meant more to you then the disagreement. Perhaps you were wronged, perhaps they were wronged, but you realize that the wrong does not matter, that they mean more to you than whatever was said. It is is the past and is water under the bridge.

Know that this plaque is a nice gesture and it can be added to one's home décor as a reminder that life is too short and that it is best to forgive all who have wronged you, forgive and forget.

Here is the plaque, the nature image has a lovely brook with a wooden bridge and background of the forest.  Then there is a poem about the meaning of "Water under the bridge" 

Water Under the Bridge Photograph Plaque

Here is a home set that will show you how lovely the plaque is and how it would look in a reading room. Shop for the products used in this interior design by clicking the product bellow.